Play my favourite Halloween song whilst you read. 

It may sound a little curious, but for me, Halloween is one of the most comforting times of the year. I think it has something to do with the weather. The crispness of the air - not quite frosty, yet cool enough to turn your breath to steam – is something that, excuse the cliché, warms the cockles. The thought of strolling through the woods as leaves crunch under your boots, and the light never quite reaching a full daytime glare, brings an eerie sense of comfort, as though you are the ghost haunting the woods.  

When I was a young lad, my family and I would always celebrate Halloween with great enthusiasm. Not by trick or treating, or terrorising the village with eggs and rolls of loo roll, but cosily tucked up inside our home, with a table full of spookily themed treats and slashed bin bags hanging from every doorframe.

I still love Halloween and the excuse it brings to revel in wicked greediness. That’s why I’ve created this: The Haunted Collection. I wanted to invent recipes that are as gruesome to admire, as they are delicious to devour.

The pages were designed by my partner Paul, who has learned to love Halloween as much as I do. 

Download your PDF of The Haunted Collection here.