(c) Matt Russell


  • 1 quantity Rich Sweet Shortcrust pastry (recipe here)
  • 1 quantity Crème Pâtissière (recipe here)
  • 700800g strawberries
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 6 tbsp apricot jam

Essential equipment

  •  23cm/9-inch loose- bottomed flan tin
  • Pastry brush  


Make the pastry according to the recipe using the link above. On a floured work surface and using a floured rolling pin, roll it out to a thickness of about 4mm and use it to line the tin. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes, then blind-bake as described here. Set aside to cool.

Make the crème pâtissière according to the recipe and allow to cool completely.

Hull the strawberries by removing the green tops with a knife, and then slice each strawberry in half. Place in a bowl with the caster sugar and mix about gently so that each strawberry is covered in sugar. Set aside for the strawberries to macerate and go shiny.

Fill the cold pastry case with the crème patissière, and then top with the strawberries – you can make a neat pattern, or simply allow the strawberries to tumble over the surface.

Make a glaze: heat the apricot jam in a small saucepan then sieve it into a bowl. Use a pastry brush to paint the strawberry tops and any bare crème pâtissière with apricot glaze. Refrigerate until served.